Why study statistics?

Information is needed to solve the many problems of today’s world. How much information? What kind? After it is obtained, what must be done with it? Statisticians are trained to help answer these questions. Early admission into the Statistics Department will allow students to plan their programs so that the math and statistics prerequisites can be taken in the most efficient sequence.

Careers with a degree in statistics

You can do a lot with an undergraduate major in Statistics. As a statistician you will spend your time working to find the answers to problems in fields like medicine, marketing, education, and business. They create surveys and experiments to find out, for example, how popular a television show is or how effective a drug is. Using only small samplings of people, Statisticians can give reliable results about how an entire population will behave. A large number of Statisticians work for several government agencies and also in private enterprises.  Most Statisticians continue on to get a more advanced degree. Master’s degrees are required for positions as Financial Analysts, Biostatisticians, Econometricians, or Data Analysts. If you hope to teach at a university or lead research, then you’ll need to continue your schooling further and get a MA/MS or Ph.D.

The following degrees are offered as part of the Undergraduate Program

  • BA/BS with statistics major
  • BA/BS with statistics minor

Visiting the Department of Statistics at MU

If you plan on visiting MU and have an interest, or plan, on becoming a statistics major, please include a visit to the Statistics Department in your schedule. The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Larry Ries is happy to meet with students and families who are interested in more information about our program.  Appointments can be made by email at RiesLD@missouri.edu.