Name Research Interests
Sounak Chakraborty

Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, High-dimensional Variable Selection, Bioinformatics.

Shih-Kang Chao

Statistical inference for large data, Statistical guarantees of machine learning methods, Econometrics.

Teri E. Christiansen

Undergraduate Education, Curriculum Development

Nancy Flournoy

Adaptive sequential design, Chemometrics, Clinical trials, Statistical immunology

Chong (Zhuoqiong) He

Bayesian Analysis, Small Area Estimation, Survival Analysis, Sampling Survey and Spatio-temporal models

John Hewett


Scott H. Holan

Spatio-temporal models, Bayesian methodology, Official statistics, Survey methodology, Environmental and ecological statistics.

Guanyu Hu

Statistical Theory & Methodologies: Spatial Statistics, Spatial Point Process, Bayesian Computation, Bayesian Nonparametric, Bayesian Variable Selection, Big Data Inference, and Survival Analysis.

Statistical Applications: Clinical Trials, Sports Analytics, Spatial Econometrics, Environmental Statistics, Missing Data, and Educational and Psychological Measurement.

Suhwon Lee

Latent Variable Modeling, Public Health Statistics, Statistics Education, Statistical Consulting

Richard Madsen


Sakis Micheas

Bayesian methods of estimation and computation, Multivariate analysis, Spatial Temporal Statistics, Point Process Theory and Applications.

Debra A. Perkowski

Undergraduate teaching and curriculum, school improvement through data analysis

Larry Ries

Undergraduate Education, Curriculum Development, Statistical Consulting.

Erin M. Schliep

Spatial Statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Environmental and Ecological Applications, Sports Statistics.

Michael Schweinberger

Practical, computational, and theoretical aspects of learning from dependent and high-dimensional data without independent replications: e.g., network, spatial, and temporal data; structured data, that is, data with additional structure, observed or unobserved; social science data: e.g., educational data, network data, and discrete data.

Kangwon Seo

Applied statistics, experimental designs, industrial data analysis, quality and reliability engineering, predictive modeling, and system health monitoring/prognostics

Yushu Shi

Nonparametric Bayesian models, unsupervised clustering, survival analysis and microbiome data.

Paul Speckman

Nonparametric Curve Estimation, Bayesian Nonparametrics, Bayesian Computation, Applications to Cognitive Research in Psychology

Dongchu Sun

Bayesian Statistics, Noninformative Priors, Space-Time Modelling.

(Tony) Jianguo Sun

AIDS and Cancer Research, Biostatistics, Survival Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Chemometrics.

Lori Thombs

Interdisciplinary Statistics, Social Science Statistics, Resampling Methods.

Christopher K. Wikle

Spatio-temporal models, dynamical models, Bayesian hierarchical methods, deep learning, reinforcement learning, sports statistics, environmental and ecological statistics.

Farroll (Tim) Wright

Order Restricted Inference, Stochastic Processes