Research Areas

Name Research Interests
Sounak Chakraborty

Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, High-dimensional Variable Selection, Bioinformatics.

Teri E. Christiansen

Undergraduate Education, Curriculum Development

Phil Deming

Statistics education, undergraduate education

Nancy Flournoy

Adaptive sequential design, Chemometrics, Clinical trials, Statistical immunology

Nick Grieshop

Undergraduate research, sports statistics, and deep learning

Chong (Zhuoqiong) He

Bayesian Analysis, Small Area Estimation, Survival Analysis, Sampling Survey and Spatio-temporal models

John Hewett


Scott H. Holan

Bayesian methodology, Environmental and ecological statistics, Machine learning, Official statistics, Spatial Statistics, Spatio-temporal models, Survey methodology.

Suhwon Lee

Interdisciplinary Statistics, Nonparametric Inference, Categorical Data Analysis, Public Health Statistics, Statistical Education

Xiaokang Liu

Multi-source data analysis (distributed/federated learning), Transfer learning, Data-adaptive sampling for massive datasets, Multivariate analysis, High-dimensional statistics, Dimension reduction, Variable selection.

Richard Madsen


Suman Majumder

Spatial and spatiotemporal modeling, Computational methods for large datasets, Environmental applications, High-dimensional data analysis, Microbiome data analysis, Robust statistical methods 

Matthew McIntosh

Undergraduate Research, Urn randomization, Sample size selection.

Sakis Micheas

Bayesian methods of estimation and computation, Multivariate analysis, Spatial Temporal Statistics, Point Process Theory and Applications.

Paul Speckman

Nonparametric Curve Estimation, Bayesian Nonparametrics, Bayesian Computation, Applications to Cognitive Research in Psychology

(Tony) Jianguo Sun

AIDS and Cancer Research, Biostatistics, Survival Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Chemometrics.

Dongchu Sun

Bayesian Statistics, Noninformative Priors, Space-Time Modelling.

Lori Thombs

Interdisciplinary Statistics, Social Science Statistics, Resampling Methods.

Christopher K. Wikle

Spatio-temporal models, climatology, meteorology, oceanography, dynamical models, Bayesian hierarchical methods, deep learning, reinforcement learning, sports statistics, wildfire modeling, environmental and ecological statistics.

Farroll (Tim) Wright

Order Restricted Inference, Stochastic Processes

Likun Zhang

Extreme Value Theory, Spatial Extremes, Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Weather Processes and Climatology, Deep Learning.