University of Missouri general education is required for all undergraduate degrees (see  for more information).  One way that students may satisfy the General Education Math and Quantitative Reasoning requirement is by completing Statistics 1200.

Enrollment in Statistics 1200 requires one of the following:

  • Completion of Math 110: Intermediate algebra with a C- or better;
  • Completion of a higher-level math class (such as Math 1050: Quantitative Reasoning or Math 1100: College Algebra) with a C- or better,
  • Exemption from intermediate algebra based on the intermediate algebra math placement exam (see below).

Placement Exams

There is no “statistics placement exam.”  The MU Math Placement Exams are given online through the Department of Mathematics.  You will find information about registering for the exam .  Students who take the intermediate algebra placement exam and score high enough to be exempt from intermediate algebra may enroll in Statistics 1200.