American Statistical Association (ASA) DataFestTM is a celebration of data in which teams of undergraduates work "around the clock" to discover and share meaning in a large, rich, and complex data set. It is a nationally coordinated weekend-long data analysis competition and challenges students to find their own story to tell with the data that is meaningful to the data donor.  

Students work in teams of two to five to analyze a data set, which will be revealed at the opening kickoff of the DataFest at Mizzou event. After the intense data wrangling, analysis, and presentation design, each team is allowed a short presentation to impress a panel of judges. Participations are nation-wide but the competition is organized separately in each region. 

ASA DataFest 2023 at Mizzou will be on April 14-15 in-person this year.  An information session will be held at 4:00 p.m. on February 16 in 308 Middlebush Hall. Further details about the competition as well as recaps of past DataFests can be found at

We offer R workshops to the participants, and they will give you the chance to start working with some big data.  

Please feel free to contact Prof. Suhwon Lee ( with any questions. 

Support DataFest as a Consultant!

If you are interested in supporting DataFest, please consider to be a VIP consultant! We welcome graduate students, faculty and data scientists from the community. As a consultant, you will spend time with students, asking what they are working on, and providing feedback and advice on ideas. Even if you only have two hours, we would love to have you! Please use the link here for signup. Thank you!