The department offers financial assistance in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Graduate students employed by the department at the quarter-time level or higher are eligible for graduate tuition waivers. In addition, support from the university may be available to qualified applicants. For more information, see the Graduate School website.

Regular teaching assistantships are considered half-time positions. The minimum stipend for half-time positions for 2018-2019 is $18,026 per 9 month academic year. Students awarded teaching assistantships must meet the English proficiency requirement. There are two types of teaching assistants. Some teaching assistants are assigned to one of the large lecture courses (STAT 1200 or STAT 1300). These teaching assistants meet with three discussion sections per week, grade homework and exams, and hold office hours. Advanced teaching assistants teach their own sections of the business statistics sequence (STAT 2500 and STAT 3500). Both teaching assistantships come with full tuition waiver and health insurance coverage.

A number of research assistantships are also available within the department and are generally awarded to advanced graduate students. These include positions with the Social Science Statistics Center, internships with the Missouri Department of Conservation, and research assistantships with individual faculty members supported by grants and contracts. Salaries for advanced full-time research assistants depend on duties and may range from $18,026 to $22,000 per 9 month academic year. Research assistantships also come with full tuition waiver and health insurance coverage.


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