Training in statistical modeling and modern statistical methods with a variety of applications.

Faculty expertise: Bayesian statistics; biostatistics; stochastic modeling; spatio-temporal statistics; statistics in natural resources and ecology; social science statistics including applications in psychology, economics and education; business (business-to-business pricing); survey sampling; genomics and bioinformatics.

Degree requirements: 30 hours of graduate work in statistics (no thesis required):

Students must complete the following six courses or equivalent.

 Stat 7110 Statistical software and data analysis

 Stat 7540 Experimental design

 Stat 7750 Introduction to probability theory

 Stat 7760 Statistical inference

 Stat 8310 Data Analysis I

 Stat 8320 Data Analysis II

In addition, students must take four elective courses, at least three of which must be selected from the department of statistics course offerings numbered 8000 or above.

Prerequisites: Three semesters of calculus for the physical sciences including calculus of several variables or equivalent; one semester of linear algebra; at least one semester of mathematical statistics. TOEFL and GRE scores required. Applicants need not be mathematics or statistics majors.

Examination: Students in the Applied Track Master’s program will satisfy their graduate school final examination requirement by successfully developing an independent project or portfolio to demonstrate their mastery of statistical methods, applications, and/or computation, or a report detailing the statistical aspects of an approved Statistics-based internship, as determined by the Director of Graduate Studies (or his/her designated representative). A Department of Statistics graduate faculty member will supervise the project/portfolio. This requirement can be satisfied by successful (B or better) completion of the Applied Masters Capstone course, if the course has sufficient enrollment to be offered.

The only exception to the project/portfolio requirement occurs when a student successfully passes both sections of the Department of Statistics Qualifying Exam. To be eligible to take this exam, students will be required to obtain approval from the Director of Graduate Studies and at least 3 recommendations from doctoral faculty of the Department of Statistics. Without exception, students are allowed a maximum of two attempts to pass the Qualifying Exam. Upon a second failure, the student may opt to complete a portfolio/project for the exam requirement. Note that passing this exam does not constitute acceptance into the Ph.D. program. However, note that if one is accepted into the Ph.D. program, these exam attempts count towards the maximum allowed per Ph.D. qualifying exam rules.

Further information: contact Abbie R. Van Nice

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Lori Thombs
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies