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Name and Contact Information Degree and Year Current Employer and Position Areas of Interest
Social Science Statistics Center
  University of Missouri

Department of Statistics
Armbrecht, Eric S.
Ph.D.  (2007)
Saint Louis University

Assistant Professor

Medical Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Survey Research
Bacon, Ray
SAS Certified Advanced Programmer University of Missouri

User Support Analyst
SAS, SPSS, Data management, and Software instruction
Chakraborty, Sounak
Ph.D.  (2005) University of Missouri

Assistant Professor
Data mining, Analysis of microarray data, Medical research, General statistical consulting
Dhungana, Prabhakar
Ph.D.  (2004) Monsanto Company

Agriculture, Environment, GxE interaction, Structural equation modeling, Education,Medical, Marketing, Survey Research, any kind of basic statistical analysis
Gear, James C
Ph.D.  (2006)
Midwest Employers Casualty Company (EWC Insurance)

Senior Statistician
Business, Insurance Medical, Process Statistics, Sensiometrics
Hearne, Leonard
Ph.D.  (1994) University of MissouriAssistant

Teaching Professor
Drug development, General scientific  data analysis. Public health,
Education, LSC#
Holan, Scott
Ph.D.  (2004) University of Missouri

Assistant Professor
House, John
M.S.    (2001)
Saint Luke's Hospital / Mid America Heart Institute

Senior Statistician II
Medical Research
Huang, Xuewen
Ph.D.  (2008)
Monsanto Company

Research Statistician
Agriculture and Environment
Katti, Shriniwas K
Ph.D.  (1956)

Senior Biostatistician
Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture
Kolenikov, Stanislav
Ph.D.  (2005) University of Missouri

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Education, Business, Marketing, Social Sciences, and Environment
Kwon, Ik-Whan G
Ph.D.  (1990)
Saint Louis University

Business and Manufacturing
Lee, Suhwon
Ph.D.  (2003) University of Missouri

Assistant teaching Professor
Nonparametrics, Categorical data analysis, Public health, Education
Liu, Ying (Peter)


Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Business/Financial
Madsen, Kathleen S.
Fruin Consulting LLC

Independent Statistical Consultant
Drug and medical device trials, primarily in pharmaceutical drug development
McBride, David G.
Ph.D.  (2007)
State of Missouri
Department of Health and Senior Services

Data Manager
Biometry, chronic disease epidemiology, primarily cancer, and informatics
Micheas, Lada
M.S.` Social Science Statistics Center, University of Missouri

Assistant director
Growth curve models, Generalized linear models and HLM
Qiu, Jing
Ph.D.  (2004) University of Missouri

Assistant Professor
Samaranayake, V.A.
Ph.D.  (1983)
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Agriculture, Animal & Biological Sciences, Environment, Economics, Engineering, Forecasting, Marketing, Medical, Transportation
Sebaugh, Jeanne L
Ph.D.  (1977)
Sebaugh's Information Services

Statistical Consultant
Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Environment
Singh, Pradeep
Ph.D.  (1999)
Southeast Missouri State University

Associate Professor
Agriculture, Business, Education, Marketing
Sommerhauser, Daniel Kent
M.A    (2009)
HAVI Global Solutions

Statistical Analyst
Business and Agriculture - Forecast analysis
Thombs, Lori
Ph.D.  (1985) University of Missouri

Associate Professor, Director of the Social Science Statistics Center
Time series, Resampling Methods, Social Science
Xiong, Chengjie
Ph.D.  (1997)
Washington University

Research Associate Professor
Pharmaceuticals, Biostatistics, Medical and Health statistics, Business statistics
Yang, Mingan
Ph.D.  (2006)
Saint Louis University

Assistant Professor
Medical, Sociology, Health
Zeng, Yong
Ph.D.  (1999)
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Associate Professor
Business, Insurance

*These faculties provide consulting support for the College of Agriculture, Food,  and Natural Resources (CAFNR) .
#These faculties provide consulting support for the Life Science Center (LSC) .


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