Department of Statistics

Policy on Faculty Merit Evaluation and Salary Raises

An annual evaluation of each regular faculty member will be conducted for salary raises according to the following guidelines.

  • 1. Performance of the previous three consecutive years will be used for evaluation and raises. For faculty on leave, the previous two years plus special accomplishments during the leave should be considered for merit evaluation.
  • 2. The department chair will appoint an advisory committee. Each committee member will review the record of each faculty member, exclusive of him/herself and the chair, and rate each member in the areas of teaching, research, and service. The following scale shall be used in these ratings: 1= excellent, 2=good, 3=adequate, 4=fair (needs some improvement), and 5= unacceptable or no contribution. Decimals may be used with ratings in the interval [1,5]. This rating will be confidential and without discussion among committee members.
  • 3. Items to be included under teaching, research, and service are suggested in the attached guideline, dated July 29, 2004. Teaching evaluations will be performed according to the faculty approved policy on teaching evaluations. See attached policy dated July 29, 2004.
  • 4. The chair will use the ratings from the advisory committee to decide on overall ratings. The overall ratings will generally be based on the weights 4:4:2, for teaching, research, and service. Departures will be made when there is a previous agreement between the faculty member and chair. Such exceptions will generally be made with the approval of the dean. The overall ratings may also be based on special circumstances. Before the ratings are submitted to the dean, each faculty member will receive his/her averaged committee ratings and overall rating.
  • 5. The chair will determine annual salary raises on the basis of the annual rating and allocation from the deanís office. The chair may use additional information not available to the committee and consider special circumstances in salary recommendations.
  • 6. A faculty member may request a meeting with the chair to review his/her rating and salary raise.
  • 7. A faculty member may ask for a departmental hearing regarding his/her annual evaluation and salary decision according to the attached appeals procedure approved by the faculty on July 29, 2004.

Approved by Statistics Faculty

July 28, 1992, revised March 3, 1993, July 29, 2004, Oct 27, 2005