Criteria and Procedures for Doctoral Faculty Membership in the Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics has determined the following criteria and procedures for Doctoral Faculty membership:

  1. Membership on the College of Arts and Science Graduate Faculty is required.

  2. Members must possess the earned degree of Doctor of Philosophy, or equivalent in degree earned or in professional achievement.

  3. Members must document significant achievement in research or scholarly activities which demonstrate sustained independent work and which has brought professional recognition by national standards. In most instances, recognition will be demonstrated by publication of articles in refereed journals. Other evidence includes invited articles or lectures, membership on editorial boards of scholarly journals, receipt of national grants or awards, and national senior postdoctoral fellowships. Members shall demonstrate current involvement in research or scholarly activity.

  4. Previous experience in directing thesis or dissertation work is a relevant consideration, but is not necessarily a condition for membership.

  5. Procedures for certification: potential candidates will be notified of the above criteria. They will submit documentation of their achievements to the chair of the department who will meet with doctoral faculty members of the department and evaluate the candidate's dossier. This group will send its recommendation to the chair of the membership committee of the Graduate Faculty Senate. Renewals will be handled in the same fashion.

  6. The applicant may appeal the department's decision to the membership committee of the Graduate Faculty Senate.