Department of Statistics
Procedure for Selecting Candidates
For the Department Chair

  1. During the last two weeks of September of the final year of the incumbent chairman’s term of office, the incumbent chairman will call a meeting of the faculty of the Department of Statistics for the purpose of selecting a chairman and inform the Dean of this meeting.

  2. The faculty will prepare a slate of candidates by nomination and polling the faculty to determine who is eligible and willing.  The slate shall include the option of forming a search committee to seek outside candidates.

  3. The faculty will indicate their wishes by a closed ballot vote at a second meeting to be held within three weeks of the first meeting.  Appropriate further action is then to be taken.  In particular, faculty are encouraged to communicate their individual wishes directly to the Dean.

  4. The Chair is appointed by the Dean.  Thus, if the Dean finds that none of the candidates recommended are acceptable, the Department will reconsider its recommendation.

  5. The above procedure can be temporarily set aside and a different procedure followed if there is a preference by the faculty to follow a different procedure as indicated by a two-thirds vote.

                     Approved by the faculty on
                     September 30, 1994


                     Robert K. Tsutakawa