Technical Report Series


  • TR-MU-STAT-2011-3-30: Min Yang and John Stufken, "Identifying locally optimal designs for nonlinear models: A simple extension with profound consequences".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2011-2-21: V. Bejleri and N. Flournoy, "The Efficiency of Randomized Discontinuation Trials with Continuous Responses".


  • TR-MU-STAT-2010-10-08: Kyu Ha Lee, Sounak Chakraborty and Jianguo Sun, "Bayesian Variable Selection in Semiparametric Proportional
    Hazards Model for High Dimensional Survival Data".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2010-09-27: Mohammed Khalilia, Sounak Chakraborty and Mihail Popescu, "Predicting Disease Risks from Highly Unbalanced Data using Random Forest".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2010-19-05: John Stufken and Min Yang, "On locally optimal designs for generalized linear models with group effects".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2010-15-04: Sounak Chakraborty, "Multivariate Bayesian Kernel Regression Model for High Dimensional Dataand its Practical Applications in Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy".


  • TR-MU-STAT-2009-10-08: Paul Duty, Nancy Flournoy, "The Composite Method: A Simple Strategy for improving Coverage of Confidence Intervals".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2009-09-15: Seung Won Hyun, Min Yang, Nancy Flournoy, "Optimal Designs for Response Functions With a Downturn".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2009-09-10: Min Yang, Bin Zhang, and Shuguang Huang, "Optimal Designs for Generalized Linear Models with Multiple Design Variables".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2009-09-07: Sounak Chakraborty and Ruixin Guo, "Bayesian Hybrid Huberized Support Vector Machine and its Applications in High Dimensional Data".
  • TR-MU-STAT2009-09-04: Fei Liu and Sounak Chakraborty, "Bayesian Variable Selection and Grouping".
  • TR-MU-STAT-2009-09-03: Min Yang, "On the del la Garza Phenomenon".